A Look Back At The Last Two Weeks

It is Sunday and the whole family is at the clinic.  We take a quick walk to Suttree Landing park and then back to re-arranging and organizing things.  Charlie is running and sliding across the floor at high speeds on a rolling stool, Aaron is trying to create a PVC drain system for the kennels, and Abbi watches guard to alerts us of anyone walking across to the brewery.  Although I have been here every day for the last 2 weeks, I don't feel stressed out or tired.  I am content with where we are and am excited of what's to come.  I am happy to come to work in the morning and I am blessed with an amazing support staff.

The biggest realization so far: give respect and you will get respect in return.  I have been in the work force since I was 16 years old; waitress, construction company assistant, convenience store attendant, and then veterinary positions.  I have seen good and bad workers come and go, good and bad bosses too.  For the most part, people want to feel appreciated for what they put forward (if they really care).  I have tried to show respect to those that give a damn, and I hope I can continue this throughout all the busy and stressful times.  I think this has made a huge difference for me over the years and I have made some great friends because of it.  I usually forget to say please and thank you when I have an emergency crashing on the table, but when we have a second to calm down, everyone is fine.  I don't have to worry about who I offended by ordering them to get fluids, or to get the oxygen tank.  Do your job and do it well.  If your employees are content and appreciated, then it shows in the final product.

Our first week was plagued by delays and our final inspection wasn't until Friday afternoon.  We spent most of the week trying to unpack, start the new computer system, and make some house-calls to stay busy.  There wasn't much I could change, so there is no point yelling or complaining about it.  Our second week went much better.  We had some busy days and met some amazing people and pets; some new faces and some old faces!!!

If I haven't said thank you recently, I am sorry.  I will try my best to show my appreciation in other ways.  :)  Otherwise, keep up the great work!!!

Dr. Leah Wulforst

Riverside Veterinary Clinic, Knoxville, TN




Leah Wulforst